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Women of Faith of Rutherford County


Mission Statement

We believe that unity within diversity is not only possible, but is the foundation of our efforts to provide a safe and welcoming place for women to meet in fellowship for the purpose of:

  • Promoting increased understanding of our different faith and personal belief paths

  • Creating community among women of faith

  • Becoming a female communal voice for peace and justice in Rutherford County

  • Supporting and empowering women in their personal and/or spiritual development


Overview and Purpose

We help the community through modeling behavior of inclusion and support of each other and by building relationships among women of different religious beliefs.  We also provide assistance to local non-profits that help people in need in the community.  Through our meeting discussions, we learn about other religions and this allows us to correct misinformation we hear in our daily conversations with colleagues and friends who are not Women of Faith members.  Sharing knowledge is useful in the community because we can help to dispel misperceptions that may exist.

Women of Faith was organized in fall 2010 after the public controversy related to building plans of the ICM.  Among our members are:  Christians from several denominations (Presbyterian; Episcopalian; Methodist; Church of Christ, Scientist; and Unity Church), Muslims, Unitarian Universalists, Pagans, Taoist Buddhists, and agnostics.

We believe that unity within diversity is not only possible, but necessary.  It is the foundation of our group as we meet to get to know each other and to become a voice of acceptance and reason in the community.

It is our sincere hope that all residents of Rutherford County will realize that our community is much stronger when we can find common ground and respect for one other, and when we can work together to make our community better.  


Jill Austin